What Can We Learn From NASA? : Podcast

We have partnered with A.J. O’Connor once again for their HR STUDIO PODCAST EPISODE 80, featuring our Experience to Lead Owner and Co-Founder Dick Richardson discussing his new book Apollo Leadership Lessons: Powerful Business Insights for Executives.

With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing just around the corner, Dick is sharing his intimate knowledge and experience on the subject.

In this episode, Dick shares his leadership perspective to:

  • Take a long-term view similar to Apollo’s bold 10 year mission to go to the moon
  • Share stories about leaders who overcame the odds to achieve the impossible, like James Webb
  • Lead change in your business
  • Learn from others’ successes and failures


Experiential Leadership in NASA

Download the show notes

Listen to Dick discuss the extraordinary Apollo leadership and his new book! (20 minutes)

Learn More About the Book

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