An insightful leadership blog adds incredible value to your development as a leader, and even more so when it’s written by an expert who has encountered the challenges you’re facing.

That said, you don’t have hours to search online for the blogs most relevant to your leadership challenges.

As you look forward to 2020 and making it your best year yet, we’ve curated 10 of our favorite blogs on corporate leadership strategy and development. Bookmark these and refer to them often for tangible leadership lessons that you can apply to your organization.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about leadership blogs without mentioning our own Leadership Examiner Digest. Our blog offers topical articles and podcasts that delve into real-world leadership examples. You’ll find fascinating interviews with elite athletes and coaches, NASA astronauts and executives, and experts from historic battles. The stories they share contain powerful lessons relevant to today’s executives.

We believe every business deserves to have great leaders, and we want to contribute to the development of strong, effective leaders in your organization. We know that no matter your industry, you’ll find invaluable insights in the Leadership Examiner Digest, as well as in the 10 excellent blogs below.

So, without further ado, here are our picks for the top leadership blogs (and a few bonus podcasts) for 2020. Each of these picks contains insightful, actionable advice for today’s executives and senior leaders.

1. Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy

Great for thoughtful insights on a wide range of leadership topics— from navigating culture change to embracing Millennial thinking.

Dan McCarthy is an award-winning leadership coach, speaker, and writer. In his blog, he reflects on leadership development challenges he has personally faced. Therefore, he shares the wisdom he has learned from his decades as a leadership expert at major organizations, including Paychex and Eastman Kodak.

Check this out: Great Leaders Focus on the Why and the What—Not the How


2. Joan Garry Consulting

Great for strategic insights from a seasoned executive who transitioned to the nonprofit world.

Joan Garry spent years as an executive in the entertainment industry before jumping into the nonprofit world, joining GLAAD as executive director and rescuing the organization from deep financial crisis. Now, she runs a consulting firm that helps nonprofits navigate crisis management and, as she says, “untangle strategic knots.”

Garry’s blog offers a wealth of advice for executive directors and board leaders. In addition, her website  includes a ‘Dear Joan’ feature where she addresses readers’ leadership conundrums. Therefore, it is a must-read with excellent insights and practical tips for leaders in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

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3. HR Happy Hour with Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese

Great for keeping up with the latest HR leadership trends and industry news.

Going strong since 2009, the HR Happy Hour podcast touts itself as the longest-running and most downloaded HR podcast around. The show offers a mix of interviews, industry news, commentary, and event and expo specials hosted by two HR veterans: Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, and her co-founder, Steve Boese.

The episodes range generally range from around 30 to 40 minutes, making them a great, bite-size way to catch up on all things HR during your daily commute.

Check this out: The Critical Role of Managers in Employee Engagement


4. Skip Prichard Leadership Insights

Great for insights into servant leadership and why great leadership starts from within.

Skip Prichard is a prominent voice in leadership development. This CEO, author, and keynote speaker shares the importance of being a servant leader – someone who helps develop other leaders.

His frequently updated blog is full of in-depth, thoughtful articles on how executives can improve themselves every day by focusing on servant leadership, authenticity, and self-awareness. He also runs a podcast, Aim Higher, which features conversations with guests sharing wisdom from their own leadership journeys.

Check this out: Aim Higher: Servant Leaders Are Masters of Encouragement


5. SmartBrief 

Great for finding an extensive curation of leadership articles organized by industry.

This blog offers leadership insights and business news to senior executives and thought leaders across a range of industries, including finance, education, and health care.

The editors curate industry news from thousands of sources in partnership with trade associations and professional societies. SmartBrief also offers multiple, niche newsletter subscriptions, allowing you to stay up to date on developments in specific areas of interest.

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6. Brian Tracy

Great for gaining insights on personal leadership development from a seasoned leadership coach and speaker.

As the CEO of a company that specializes in professional training and development, Brian Tracy has worked extensively with executives on leadership strategy. His blog features insightful, clearly written articles with actionable advice for leaders on topics including confidence, leading through uncertainty, and taking risks.

Check this out: How to Be a Confident Leader in Uncertain Situations


7. Our Vantage Point by Vantage Leadership

Great for advice on talent management and organizational coaching, with an emphasis on tips for HR executives.

For more than 40 years, Vantage has been assessing and advising teams and individual leaders, as well as providing talent management programs for companies around the world. Their blog offers valuable first-hand insights into change leadership, team effectiveness, and attracting and cultivating talent.

There’s a slight emphasis on HR-related topics, but anyone interested in leadership development will find this blog relevant.

Check this out: A Conversation with Senior HR Leaders About Leadership Potential

Also, check out their recent interview with our own Dick Richardson about his new book, Apollo Leadership Lessons: Powerful Business Insights for Executives  


8. The Leader’s Digest: Suzi McAlpine

Great for all-around leadership tips from an experienced executive coach.

New Zealand-based leadership expert Suzi McAlpine runs in-house leadership workshops for organizations and offers one-on-one senior executive coaching sessions. In her award-winning blog, she shares advice on topics including personal development, giving feedback, and cultivating your high-potential employees into future leaders. She also has a ‘recommended reads’ page where she curates a selection of her favorite books on leadership.

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9. Tanveer Naseer Leadership

Great for quick, digestible lessons from a prominent leadership expert and speaker.

 TEDx speaker Tanveer Naseer was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts, and he shares his wisdom in his regularly updated blog.

Many of his articles complement episodes of his podcast, Leadership Biz Cafe, which features candid conversations with CEOs and leadership experts on the challenges they have faced. Within his podcast, Naseer also runs a recurring series, Leadership Espresso Shot. These quick podcast episodes offer short, actionable doses of advice distilled from his keynote speaking and corporate coaching sessions.

Check this out: Improving the Way You Lead from the Inside


10. Random Acts of Leadership with Susan Mazza

Great for brushing up on leadership development through the lens of workplace relationships.

Susan Mazza focuses on human relationships as she helps teams transform their culture, work through challenging issues, and increase performance. For Mazza, a seasoned leadership consultant and facilitator, fostering connections is key to attracting talent. Strong connections can make the difference between a dysfunctional and collaborative, high performing team.

In her blog, Mazza looks at ways leaders can improve themselves personally, and how internal changes can resonate with others on the team.

Check this out: Why Authenticity Is the New Charisma


Bonus! HR Studio Podcast from A.J. O’Connor Associates

Great for quick insight on the latest trends in HR leadership.

 This bi-weekly podcast offers interviews and insights from executives, authors, keynote speakers, and other leaders in the HR space. It’s run by A.J. O’Connor Associates, an HR consulting firm that offers leadership development and executive coaching to major firms worldwide.

Check this out: Experience to Lead Co-founder and CEO Dick Richardson recently appeared as a guest on the podcast, Learning to Lead in Times of Disruption and Crisis, discussing the role that experiential leadership development plays in preparing leaders for disruption.


We hope you enjoyed our picks for the top 10 leadership blogs for 2020. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. And, find out how our customized Leadership Experiences can inspire your team and help you overcome challenges specific to your business.