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Top 10 Leadership Blogs of 2017

This week we decided to take a break from our typical format of top three leadership lessons and stories from news and history. Instead, we’ve been busy talking about our favorite Leadership Bloggers. Read on for our top 10 favorite Leadership Blogs of 2017.

As purposeful leaders, we know it’s crucial to continually engage in learning and developing ourselves so we can continue to evolve as leaders. There’s something magical about that “aha” moment you get from hearing a dynamic speaker, connecting with peers at a conference, or sharing insights on leadership after a seminar.  This can be especially powerful when it’s in a historic or special place, like our Experiences.

However, we have organizations to run and teams to lead, so we can’t always run off for in-person events (as much as we would like to!). That’s where blogs come in!

Consider these ten bloggers essential reading on the subject of professional—and often personal—leadership. Visit them for a shot of leadership inspiration when you’re in the trenches between those important face-to-face affairs.

1. Michael Hyatt, Your Virtual Mentor

For the past 13 years, Hyatt, the former Chairman & CEO of Thomas Nelson, the largest faith-based publisher in the world, has been sharing his wisdom through his blog. His mission is to give readers the clarity, courage, and commitment they need to succeed. Hyatt also hosts a weekly podcast, This is Your Life, on the subject of intentional leadership and has written the New York Times bestseller Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

As a father to five grown daughters, his advice is about more than excelling in the boardroom. His tips will resonate with people aiming to be stronger leaders at work and at home.

Check this out: 5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders (and How Not to be One)

2. Harvard Business Publishing’s Leading The Way Blog

Get direct access to the voices and ideas from a variety of members of Harvard Business School’s faculty and Harvard Business Review’s accomplished authors. Sign up for their Management Tip of the Day to receive one actionable way to be a better manager delivered to your inbox daily.

Check this out: 5 Ways to Scale Leadership Development Quickly for Strategic Results

3. Fistful of Talent

Straight-up leadership advice with a hint of attitude. Written by a mix of 30 all-star management professionals, including William Tincup of Recruiting Daily, Jessica Lee, Senior Director for Marriott International’s Global Employer Brand team, and

Paul Hebert, a founding member of the editorial advisory board at the HRExaminer.

These candid confessions give readers a no-holds-barred look behind the closed doors of HR offices and into hiring managers’ heads. What’s more, readers can use that information to enhance their own success and become better managers themselves.

Check this out: A Bad Stack of Pancakes in Talent Management

4. MIT’s Innovation @Work

Dispatches from the frontlines of business and industry: MIT’s Sloan School of Management. The institution has educated some of the world’s most influential leaders, while the blog shares the collective wisdom of their alumni and faculty. Popular topics include executive leadership, innovation, HR, and work-life balance.

Check this out: Gaining Competitive Advantage with People Analytics

5. Bersin’s The Business of Talent Blog

Access insights and strategies from Bersin’s renowned team of analysts. More than 5,000 organizations worldwide use their research to guide their HR and talent strategies. Get a peek at their learnings in easy-to-digest blog posts without a full membership.

Check this out: A Look Ahead at Leadership 2016 / 2017: Redefining Leadership

6. Joseph Lalonde

Youth minister Joseph Lalonde uses current events and blockbuster films to illustrate important lessons for emerging leaders. Each week he also picks the brain of key players in the leadership community on his Answers From Leadership Podcast.

Check this out: 22 Leadership Lessons and Quotes from The Fate and The Furious

7. Wally Block’s Three-Star Leadership

With 35 years in the industry, Wally Block can attest to the fact that leadership is a lifelong learning project. He shares techniques, skills and new approaches that can help bosses of all levels strengthen their management muscles. Block’s experience ghostwriting books with successful CEOs and business executives gives him direct access to the tips and expertise from other powerful minds as well.

Check this out: How Will You Get Better Today?

8. Lolly Daskal

After decades coaching compelling bigwigs worldwide, Lolly Daskal started her blog to motivate and inspire anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader. Her signature strategy is to lead with heart to foster success and inner strength.

Check this out: The 12 Most-Common Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

9. Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

You may have used their tools for assessing job candidates or taken one of their leadership development courses, but did you know that the CCL has a blog too? Many of their posts stem from the research they’ve conducted. Topics range from the individual (how sleep affects leadership) to the organization as a whole (how to instill a coaching culture at your workplace).

Check this out: How to Use Experience to Fuel Leadership Development

10. Leadership Freak

Busy leaders don’t have unlimited time on their hands. That’s why Dan Rockwell keeps his blog posts short and impactful—and no more than 300 words each. Rockwell was voted one of the greatest 100 leadership speakers by Inc. and his blog is one of the most socially shared leadership blogs on the Internet.

Check this out: 5 Leadership Development Projects Even Frantic Leaders Can Do


Did we miss any of your favorites? Share your favorite leadership blogs in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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