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Silo Busting: How to Execute on the Promise of Customer Focus 

By Ranjay Gulati, Harvard Business Review
GE Healthcare learned how working in silo’s can impact the customer experience.

“A Players” or “A Positions”? The Strategic Logic of Workforce Management

By Mark A. Huselid, Richard W. Beatty, & Brian E. Becker, Harvard Business Review
Identifying the key positions and then getting the best people in those jobs can decide if your strategy succeeds or fails.

Handling a Corporate Crisis: The Ten Commandments of Crisis Management

By John F. Savarese, The Conference Board Director’s Notes
Corporate crisis come in many forms. This article provides general principles to guide your response.

Stockdale Paradox: Why confronting reality is vital to success

By Mike Colagrossi, Big Think

Balancing realism and optimism in dire situation is a key to success.


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History Channel’s Website

This website has a wealth of articles, videos, and photographs about the landing in Normandy on D-Day.


Immerse yourself in these books packed with information on D day and its impact on the outcome of WW2.

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