Miracle on the Hudson Rescue Boat

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A Growing Focus on Preparedness

By Darrell Rigby and Barbara Bilodeau, Harvard Business Review
Many companies are finding value as never before in planning for an uncertain future.

Being a Good Boss in Dark Times

By Jennifer Porter, Harvard Business Review
This article explores the question “how can you help manage the emotional culture of the people you’re responsible for?”

Companies Should Be Transparent About Their Crises

By Harvard Business Review
This brief article explains the benefits of getting out in front of a crisis.

Guiding an Organization Through Uncertainty and Chaos

By Deloitte Advisory
When it comes to major catastrophic, typical business continuity plans, safety plans, and emergency response plans may not be enough.

Left of Boom

By Phillip Wilson, Labor Relations Institute
Here are some best practices for proactive companies in a changing labor environment

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

By Tony Schwartz & Catherine McCarthy, Harvard Business Review
Many of us respond to rising demands in the workplace by putting in longer hours, which inevitably take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Perhaps the solution is not time but energy.

Practice for Tough Situations as You’d Practice a Sport

By Andy Molinsky, Harvard Business Review
Preparation is one of the most obvious yet most misunderstood aspects of learning soft skills.
You can prepare yourself to lead in crisis as you would a sports competition.

Ten Principles of Leading Change Management

By John Jones, DeAnne Aguirre, and Matthew Calderone, Strategy+Business
This article provides a systematic, comprehensive framework, to help executives understand what to expect, how to manage their own personal change, and how to engage the entire organization in the process of change.

Ten Tactics for Leading in Hard Times

By Philip J. Harkins, Linkage
High-impact, experienced leaders have the responsibility of keeping the ship afloat during bad times, while helping managers and employees stay focused, motivated, and engaged.

To Recover from Crisis, Retell Your Company’s Story

By Harry Hutson & Martha Johnson, Harvard Business Review
Your narrative can help your organization heal and recover from setbacks.


Take a deep dive into historical figures, events and leadership principles.

Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters

By Sully Sullenberger with Jeffery Zaslow
To Sullenberger, the calm, steady pilot and safety consulting expert, the landing was not a miracle but rather the result of preparation. You can learn to prepare for when you need a miracle.

Miracle on the Hudson: The Extraordinary Real-Life Story Behind Flight 1549

By The Survivors of Flight 1549 with William Prochnau
This first-hand account by the passengers of Flight 1549 gives a first person account of the event.

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Ready for your next leadership experience?

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