Keep in mind these hiring strategies are for finding not just the best talent but the best leaders for your business.

Many CEOs and entrepreneurs want to manage every aspect of their business, but great ones understand that effective delegation can be their greatest asset. That is, there’s a time to let go and choose someone else to manage certain operations to ensure your company’s success. The best way to effectively delegate is to have the right leaders to delegate to.  However, very few managers are good at this process. Making the wrong hire decision could cost you up to 150% of a supervisor’s annual salary. Yikes. Here are three hiring strategies to help you make the right decision.

1. Ask About Management Experience Outside of the Workplace

A manager can skate by in the office with assigned teams and goals, but a true leader is leader around the clock.

Ask prospective managers about their leadership experience on sports teams, volunteer organization, or if they’ve done community service. Those real-world situations can often be a better indicator of a manager’s demeanor and traits, especially for first-time managers.

Emotional intelligence such as self-awareness and empathy are often honed the best outside of the 9-to-5.

2. Look for a Track Record of Performing Under Restraints

All management jobs have their distinct set of restraints and resources. If a new hire walks into the organization without a full understanding of what he/she has gotten themselves into, well, you’re going to have a bad time.

Talent in one place doesn’t always translate to another.  Success with unlimited resources often does not translate to success with limited resources. But the manager who can overcome their restraints will likely overcome the restraints you face.  Often you’ll find the most innovative outcomes are those fueled by stiff resource constraints.

3. See If They Have the Right Vision

Managers need to be able handle the day-to-day operation, but they also need 20/20 vision when it comes to future of your business.

Daily interactions with their manager greatly impacts how an employee feels about their job. And a shortsighted manager can run off talent and cost your business money in the long run.

A manager with the right traits understands you need to tackle the everyday problems with an eye towards the future. They need to solve today’s problems in a way that doesn’t create other, larger headaches down the road.

Some leadership skills are innate but most can be learned.  Gifted leaders groom their capability to walk into a role with the proper eye for opportunities to lead, deepening their knowledge of their resources and constraints and laser like focus on the business’ goals.  The talented few with these capabilities can make your life easier and more profitable.  Gallup found talented managers double the rate of engaged employees and contribute to 48 percent higher profits than average managers.

So, take your time with the process and try applying these hiring strategies to make sure you find that right fit. It’s worth it.


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