Customized Leadership Experiences

Each Leadership Experience is tailored to support your goals and help your leaders overcome specific challenges they face today and in the future.

Below is the process that we use to determine how to best support you in our partnership.  See our FAQ.

Our Approach

Identify Your Audience

Determine Topics and Priorities

Select Your Leadership Experience

Customize Your Leadership Experience

1. Identify Your Audience

Apollo Experience to Lead Group

Whether it’s a high potential cohort, succession-ready candidates, or a leadership team – we’re here to support your leaders’ development. The first step is to identify which groups would be engaging in our Experiential Leadership Experience.

Experience to Lead’s primary audiences include:

  • High potentials and succession-ready candidates
  • Executive leaders, business unit leadership teams, and intact teams
  • Large groups, including internal , conferences, and meetings

Our Leadership Experiences can either be stand-alone or embedded into a broader learning journey to create lasting impact focused on actionable outcomes.

2. Determine Topics and Priorities

After identifying your audience, we will review and discuss their development needs and goals with  you. Many of our clients align their customized Leadership Experience with specific competency models or strategic initiatives.  Others ask us to do surveys, interviews, and assessments to clarify the audience’s needs before customization decisions are finalized.

Our approach to experiential learning produces long-lasting awareness to create change. But change is only valuable if your people develop the characteristics and capabilities relevant to their needs. This process ensures that the topics selected for your program meets their needs.

Common topics for recent clients:

Leading Through Change

Improve Resilience
Respond to Setbacks
Build a Culture of Innovation
Create a Vision for Your Team

Building Succession Preparedness

Develop Executive Presence
Encourage Initiative
Improve Organizational Structure
Manage Complexity

Enable Growth Mindset to Improve Team Leadership

Communicate Strategic Intent
Navigate and Simplify the Complex
Manage Ambiguity
Build High Performance

Develop Strategic Clarity Through Alignment

Build a High Performing Culture
Align Your Team Multiple Levels Down
Optimize Team Capabilities
Break Down Silos

3. Select Your Leadership Experience

Once you’ve determined the cohort and we begin to have an understanding of the topics or competencies critical to your leaders’ success, we may find that multiple Leadership Experiences could achieve your objectives. At this stage of the process, we will partner with you to determine the best fit. This decision is driven by which Leadership Experience will best serve your leaders and includes considerations such as primary learning objectives, travel and related costs, preferences and cultural fit, team dynamics, and other topics.

4. Customize Your Leadership Experience

Regardless of which Leadership Experience you select, our team will partner with you to customize your program to meet your goals.

Not ready to choose a Leadership Experience yet? Ask about our upcoming Public Previews to see our experiential learning programs in action. Our Public Previews include the full Leadership Experience plus extra discussions about customization options.

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Our Experiential Leadership Learning Programs

apollo walking on the moon
apollo walking on the moonApollo Experiential Leadership Program

Walk in the footsteps of the great leaders of NASA who led the manned mission to the Moon. Understand how innovation, culture and adaptive leadership can help you and your team lead in a rapidly changing world.
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Gold Medal Training Facility
Gold Medal Training FacilityGold Medal Experiential Leadership Program

Increase high-performance in your team by understanding the levers used by elite athletes, coaches and teams to compete and win at the highest level. Learn from the experts at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers and the “team behind the team” to discover your potential.
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Launch Point Experience
Launch Point ExperienceLaunch Point Experiential Leadership Program

Launch Point is designed to spark a culture of innovation by going where it's happening.  Learn how to create a climate of change to spark innovation in your environment.  Read More
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gettysburg lessons for leaders image
gettysburg lessons for leaders imageGettysburg Experiential Leadership Program

Align yourself and your team around a unified strategy to enable decision-making based on shared vision and purpose. Gettysburg captures the intensity of time pressure with the ultimate consequences to provide a deeper understanding of how to lead in the moment.
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waterloo experience for leaders
waterloo experience for leadersWaterloo Experiential Leadership Program

Learn how leadership style and decision-making can impact the fate of your team’s ability to align around, and execute, your vision. By understanding Napoleon’s Waterloo, you and your team can develop and communicate strategic plans with a higher degree of success.
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beaches of normandy lessons
beaches of normandy lessonsNormandy Experiential Leadership Program

Standing on the sweeping cliffs among the artifacts of “The Longest Day,” understand the enormous impact of empowering your people to reach their goals. Discover how managing across functional, cultural and organizational silos can refocus your decision-making while under pressure.
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