We have partnered with A.J. O’Connor to bring you this HR STUDIO PODCAST EPISODE 63, featuring our Experience to Lead Owner and Co-Founder Dick Richardson. Dick knows first hand the impact of disruption and crisis. As a leadership development executive, he has experienced the stresses of disruption and chaos in his professional life and personally as a survivor of Flight 1549 “Miracle on the Hudson.”

In this episode, Dick shares his leadership perspective to:

  • Explore the role that experiential leadership development plays in preparing leaders for disruption
  • Share insights gained through a method of experiential learning
  • Discuss leading in times of stress and chaos; the link between many crises and HR’s areas of responsibility
  • Offer advice to HR leaders on their personal and professional development

Listen to Dick and his key takeaways to achieve operational excellence that you won’t want to miss! (20 minutes)

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About Dick Richardson

Dick previously worked with The Conference Board for 10 years designing and delivering experiential programs for executives.  As a result, he has carried that experience into his organization Experience to Lead. Previously, Dick was the Director of Executive Leadership Development for ITT. He also had previously held a variety of leadership positions in Learning at IBM. His experience included global roles based in Hong Kong and other overseas assignments. His last position at IBM was Director of Executive and Management Development, hence he was responsible for the leadership curriculum for all IBM managers and executives. He holds two patents for innovations in organizational learning.  Dick also has been recognized by various industry groups with awards for leadership development and learning.


Whether you are leading through crisis or disruption, need to focus on organization alignment or your strategic intent, Experience to Lead has customized leadership development programs to help you lead through the chaos.