Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Experience to Lead, we design and deliver unique experiences that bring leadership to life through immersive, experiential leadership development programs in unforgettable locations. The purpose is to improve the leadership capability of teams and organizations, to lead through change, and propel them to higher levels of success, performance, and growth. We do this by engaging you in powerful leadership stories in the places where they occurred, and facilitating dynamic discussions so you become emotionally connected to the subject matter. In this way, the learning is applicable, personal, and deeply rooted – allowing you to improve yourself, your team, and your organization.

Learn more about Experiential Learning.

Each Experience has an initial set of leadership objectives specific to that program that we use as a baseline for customization.  We then customize each Experience to the client’s leadership objectives. Learn about our Leadership Experiences.

During your initial conversation with our Client Solutions Team, we will ask about you audience, their operating environment, the focus for your learning, and the outcomes being sought. We will discuss customizing Experiences based on many options including strategic-organizational challenges, competency models, and other factors. And we will also discuss examples from our 10+ years working with senior leaders and high potential cohorts so you can understand how we partner with clients.

To determine the best Experience to meet your unique needs, it’s best to start with an in-depth discussion with our Client Solutions team. Contact us to schedule a call.

Since each program is customized to the client’s needs, it’s best to have an initial discussion with our Client Solutions Team before reviewing sample agendas. Once we understand your needs, we can provide an agenda that customizes the Experience to your goals.

Contact us to speak with our Client Solutions Team.

Our standard experience is 3 days, however the format can be customized to meet your needs — ranging from one-and-a-half to five-days. Our Experiences take place offsite at locations including NASA’s Space Centers, the Elite Athlete Training Center, and battlefields in the U.S. and Europe. Our facilitators and subject matter experts will engage you in powerful leadership stories in the places where they occurred and facilitate dynamic discussions to help you emotionally connect to the subject matter. In this way, the learning is applicable, personal, and deeply rooted.

Our Experiences typically serve executives and teams for the most impactful leadership experience. Examples of participants include the following:

      • Director level or above – managers of people and/or projects
      • High-potential cohorts
        • These groups are often engaged in a longer-duration “learning journey” and interested in embedding an experiential learning session into their “journey”
        • We can partner with executive education providers to offer the experiential leadership element of the “learning journey”
      • Business unit and sales leadership teams
        • C-level teams
        • Smaller senior-level teams (often from different parts of the business) coming together for a collaborative offsite
        • Boards of Directors
      • Executives interested in their personal development
        • Team and project leaders can participate individually in our Test Drives where they will participate in an Experience with people from various companies. For more information on Test Drives, please contact us.

For larger audiences, including internal conferences and sales meetings, ask about our Keynotes or how we can design an experience to integrate with your internal program.

Many of our Experiences are woven into existing internal, company-run high potential programs — sometimes as the kickoff, as a mid-session program, or as a capstone. In the customization process, we can work with you to integrate learning and insights from previous parts of your internal high-potential program to ensure it is seamlessly integrated.

Contact our Client Solutions team to learn about options for your high potentials.

A Test Drive is our standard 3-day Experience with additional time spent debriefing and discussing customization options with our Facilitation Team. Test Drives are typically offered in the Spring and Fall for each of our U.S.-based programs – Apollo, Gold Medal, Launch Point, and Gettysburg –  and are delivered using the same experiential approach as our private programs.

Contact our Client Solutions team to learn more about our Leadership Experiences and how you can participate in an upcoming Test Drive.