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Napoleon Had His Waterloo So You Don’t Have To!

This program will positively impact your business at every level with a focus on the real and the practical. Napoleon’s story is deeply engaging. The success of his competitors speaks to the effectiveness of collaboration. And the historic battlegrounds are riveting. These things and more make it a truly one-of-a-kind experience.​

On the historic battlefields of Waterloo, allow yourself to be captivated by Napoleon’s worst moments. Stand where Wellington and Blücher ultimately triumphed and changed the course of history.

  • Waterloo Experience speaker leading group
  • Waterloo Experience with group at Waterloo

Print or Save a PDF Version of our Sample Agenda:

Topics You May Cover

Improve Executive Presence

Align Your Team
Prepare Yourself and Your Team
Focus on Flexibility vs. Authority
Engage Your People

Prioritize Key Terrain

Build Strategic Agility
Manage Scope Creep
Improve Coalition Building
Communicate Strategic Intent

Effectively Respond to Competitors

Anticipate Challenges
Develop Competitive Advantage
Respond to Setbacks
Manage Disruptions

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Who Typically Attends?

Application is not limited to those interested in military history or Napoleon! Groups typically include executive and other leadership teams and high potential cohorts. Attendees range from CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, to managers of managers. Those interested in exploring their personal leadership style and empowering their team to succeed will experience particular application. Contact us to discuss if Waterloo has application for you!


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