Storytelling for Business Workshop

In corporate storytelling, if you’re a leader, you’re the narrator!

Today, more and more organizations are recognizing the power of narrative and story as a core leadership discipline. Enter: The Storytelling Experience.

Communicating a clear and compelling narrative will enable you and your team to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.  Whether you are trying to develop the team’s leadership capabilities, invite customers to engage with your products, or manage culture change, strategic storytelling provides a competitive advantage for your team and organization.

In this fun and interactive program, best-selling business author, David Hutchens, will empower your leaders to identify, refine, and tell your narrative.

Contact us to discuss customizing a private Storytelling Experience for your team.

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Print or Save a PDF Version of our Sample Agendas:

Topics You May Cover

Creating Culture

Discuss Mental Models

Bond Through Reflection

Share Knowledge

Aligning People

Build Your Brand’s Identity

Communicate Compelling Goals

Practice Telling Core Stories

Engaging Your Team

Develop Stories that Lead Change

Embrace Your Role

Build Your Team’s Story Bank

Learn More About the Storytelling Experience

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Who Typically Attends?

This program is for all leaders who are responsible for creating strategic alignment and engagement around the organization’s most pressing business imperatives. Typically those are leaders who are managers of teams.  Contact us to discuss if Storytelling has application for you!


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