Create a Culture of Innovation.
Lead Through Change.
Leverage Design Thinking.

You will look at the future of space flight as the metaphor for innovation and change leadership. Launch Point will help you create strategies to overcome the challenges of rapid change, uncertainty, and shifting customer trends. Understand how to build a culture of innovation; create networks to optimize collaboration and manage the human side of change.

Take part in our Launch Point Leadership Experience to learn how to create a climate of change to spark innovation in your environment.   Contact us to discuss customizing a private program for your team

Launch Point Leadership Program

Topics You May Cover

team building experience

Innovation culture

Build, sustain, and operate in an innovation culture

Step up or step back principle

Lead change

Lead change through influence and collaboration

Experiential Leadership lessons


Optimize networks and partnerships

leading a global workforce


Be an agile leader for today’s rapidly changing environment

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Launch Point Experience

Who Typically Attends?

Groups typically include executive and other leadership teams and high potential cohorts.  Attendees range from CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, to managers of managers.  Those interested in creating the right culture and achieving “moonshot” goals will experience particular application. Contact us to discuss if Launch Point has application for you!


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