Gettysburg Leadership Experience

Experience to Lead is proud to deliver the Gettysburg Leadership Experience in association with The Conference Board, Inc.®The Conference Board

Capture Leadership Themes That Echo Across Hallowed Grounds.

Focus on how to create alignment and communicate your strategic intent as you walk the fields of Gettysburg to relive critical decision-making in the heat of battle.

This Experience combines immersion in the story of the battle with personal and team leadership applications. Then, apply those lessons to your everyday leadership. We help you discover and re-discover timeless truths about your leadership capabilities – leading to results.  Contact us to discuss customizing a private program for your team.

Gettysburg Experiential Leadership Program Video

Topics You May Cover

Define & Communicate Strategic Intent

  • Establish strategic intent
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Adapt strategic intent in a changing environment

Align & Empower Individuals and Teams

  • Foster commitment through organizational alignment
  • Develop a unified and common focus
  • Enroll people in shared vision

Anticipate & Manage Change and Disruption 

  • Identify disruption before it happens
  • Leverage innovation as a game changer
  • Improve decision making process and understand pitfalls

Plan an Experience for Your Team

Who Typically Attends?

Application is not limited to those interested in military history!  Groups typically include executive and other leadership teams and high potential cohorts.  Attendees range from CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, to managers of managers.  Those interested in exploring communicating strategy and team alignment will experience particular application. Contact us to discuss if Gettysburg has application for you!


Must Reads on Gettysburg

  • Gratitude During Times of Crisis

Expressions of Gratitude

Originally published in The Gettysburg Times, the following Letter to the Editor from Experience to Lead facilitator Chuck Burkell shares wonderful insights on expressing gratitude during times [...]

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Experience to Lead is proud to deliver the Gettysburg Leadership Experience in association with The Conference Board, Inc.®.

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