Brace for Impact Experience

Captain Sully’s Inspiring True Story – the Miracle on the Hudson!

Flight 1549 (the “Sully” story) is the backbone of the Brace for Impact Experience.
But the experience is much more than the story of a fateful landing.

The Brace for Impact Experience focuses on how executives lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations in the midst of the unexpected, the unplanned, and the unpredictable.

We start with the Hogan Leadership Assessments (see below) to help you understand how you respond to adversity.  Then, you’ll explore why some leaders embrace and overcome adversity while others flounder.  The case studies on selected leaders capture the essence of the challenges you might face.  As a result of participating, you will be better prepared to anticipate, manage through, and lead out of adversity.

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Topics You May Cover

Manage Disruptions

Prepare for the Unknown
Know When to Fight, Flight or Freeze
Manage Yourself Under Stress
Enhance Mental Toughness

Respond to Setbacks

Build Effective Reaction Teams
Coordinate Agile Responses to Disruptions
Lead Others in Ambiguous Situations

Focus on Long-Term Recovery

Build an Adaptive Culture
Handle Adversity
Manage Complexity
Focus on Role Clarity

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Brace for Impact Experience

Who Typically Attends?

Application is strongest for leaders of leaders, leader of a business unit, and site, facilities or plant managers.  Attendees include CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, and managers of managers.  Individuals or teams that want to prepare to face change, adversity, and upheaval will experience particular application.

Hogan Assessments:

As an integral part of the program each participant will get:

  • Potential Report – See your strengths and potential as a leader
  • Challenge Report – Gives you insights about potential derailers
  • EQ Report – Evaluate your emotional intelligence

If you have recently completed the Hogan Leadership Assessments, please contact us to determine if your assessment results are suitable for use in the program.

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