Apollo Experience Leadership Program

Experience to Lead is proud to deliver the Apollo Leadership Experience in association with The Conference BoardThe Conference Board

Go where few have led before!

Forget learning about leadership development sitting in a classroom, looking at PowerPoints and flipcharts. Experience undeniable leadership at the Apollo Experience.

You’ll be immersed in the stories of the men and women of NASA who built the country’s space program from the ground up. Through storytelling and hands-on training, you’ll glean leadership lessons that will impact your career.

The Apollo Experience is held at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Contact us to discuss customizing a private program for your team.

Apollo Nasa Experiential Leadership Program

Topics You May Cover

Step up or step back

  • Speak technical truth
  • Turn setbacks into opportunities
  • Empower your team
  • Take decisive action
  • Be agile and resilient


  • Manage in chaos
  • Optimize team capabilities
  • Inspire confidence
  • Compensate for weaknesses
  • Manage risk


  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Align common goals
  • Play to strengths
  • Engage people in the vision
  • Prepare for the unknown

Plan an Experience for Your Team

Apollo Leadership Lesssons

You may not go to the moon, but Dick Richardson’s book Apollo Leadership Lessons: Powerful Business Insights for Executives will help you apply NASA’s leadership lessons to your company’s mission.  Gain valuable insights from the real people behind Apollo that faced real opportunities and challenges.

Watch now for stories and insights from Apollo Leadership Lessons

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Who Typically Attends?

Application is not limited to those within technical roles.  Groups typically include executive and other leadership teams and high potential cohorts.  Attendees range from CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, to managers of managers.  Those interested in creating the right culture and achieving “moonshot” goals will experience particular application.  Contact us to discuss if Apollo has application for you!


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Experience to Lead is proud to deliver the Apollo Leadership Experience in association with The Conference Board.

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