Virtual Leadership Experiences


During this virtual live experience, your leaders will gain a deep understanding of how to apply the principles of Adaptive Leadership to their leadership challenges in a rapidly changing environment.


During this virtual live experience, your leaders will be immersed into the dynamic world of the music industry in order to glean valuable leadership insights.

On-Location Leadership Experiences

Experiential Leadership programs at Nasa


Walk in the footsteps of the great leaders of NASA who led the manned mission to the Moon. Understand how innovation, culture and adaptive leadership can help you and your team lead in a rapidly changing world.


Transform your leaders and create organizational unity by gleaning insights and real-life examples from the music industry. Taking place in Nashville, TN, participants will be immersed in Music City’s rich culture and iconic locations.

Launch Point Experience


Launch Point is designed to spark a culture of innovation by going where it’s happening.  Learn how to create a climate of change to spark innovation in your environment.

Gold Medal Training Facility


Increase high-performance in your team by understanding the levers used by elite athletes, coaches and teams to compete and win at the highest level.  Learn from the experts at the elite athletic training center and the “team behind the team” to discover your potential.

beaches of normandy lessons


Standing on the sweeping cliffs among the artifacts of “The Longest Day,” understand the enormous impact of empowering your people to reach their goals.  Discover how managing across functional, cultural and organizational silos can refocus your decision-making while under pressure.

Experiential Leadership programs at Gettysburg


Align yourself and your team around a unified strategy to enable decision-making based on shared vision and purpose. Gettysburg captures the intensity of time pressure with the ultimate consequences to provide a deeper understanding of how to lead in the moment.

waterloo experience for leaders


Learn how leadership style and decision-making can impact the fate of your team’s ability to align around, and execute, your vision. By understanding Napoleon’s Waterloo, you and your team can develop and communicate strategic plans with a higher degree of success.

Waterloo Experience Leadership Program Canon

We design custom, company-specific experiences to meet your needs. Our leadership experiences can be tailored or customized to specific strategic challenges and team or organizational initiatives.

Learn About Our 4-Step Customization Approach

Waterloo Experience Leadership Program Canon


Experiential Learning Model from Experience to Lead
Experiential Learning Model from Experience to Lead

We’ve derived our Experiential Learning Model from the educational theorist David A. Kolb.  His theory rests on two pillars: the learning cycle (left) and the learner’s style.  Different learning styles each thrive in different stages of the cycle, for this reason amongst others, it is important to complete the full cycle of learning to have the most impact.

Why Choose Us

  • Historians and Subject Matter Experts Provide Leadership Perspective
  • Facilitators Provide Practical Solution to Real Challenges
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Customized to Focus on Your Unique Priorities
  • Immersive Stories
  • Access to Behind-the-Scenes Locations

What Clients Say

“When we found out that there was flooding issues in Houston right before our experience I immediately left a message for Amanda. I went out to run a few errands and by the time I was able to get back to my phone I had messages from all of you and the problem solved. You provided fantastic customer service! We pride ourselves on customer service and are so happy to be partnering with a like-minded group!”

Anita Keenan, Operations Leader, McBride & Lucius

“I gained valuable insights into how to deal more effectively with subordinate managers; specifically, the importance of adapting my own communication style, depending upon the needs of each of my managers. I learned that a transformational leader will understand the specific needs of key subordinates. Some will perform better only when provided with detailed direction, others want and need much more general direction and will perform better by applying personal judgment and initiative.”

Graham Cooke, VP - New Restaurant Expansion, A&W Food Services of Canada, Inc.