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Three Essential Personalities to Add to Your Team

2019-02-27T16:29:48-05:00March 7th, 2017|Employee Retention, Leadership Lessons, Team Leadership Tips|

When making a decision on who to hire, it’s easy to only focus on a candidate's experience and technical skills.  Of course it’s important for every team member to be proficient at their job.  However, their personality and fit within your culture cannot be ignored.  An all too common mistake is to hire team members that are [...]

Three Ways to Motivate a Workforce of Millennials

2019-02-27T16:35:36-05:00August 11th, 2016|Employee Retention, Leadership Lessons|

It’s projected that by 2020, millennials (people born between 1980-2000), will comprise 50% of the global workforce which means they'll be on your team sooner rather than later. These tech-savvy “Gen Yers” tend to carry a reputation as narcissistic, entitled employees.  And though studies have proven many of these notions to be myths, Millennials do require [...]

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