How the Miracle on the Hudson Showed the Importance of Training a Team

2020-09-15T16:09:55-04:00January 7th, 2019|Brace For Impact, Team Leadership Tips, Training Ideas|

It’s been 10 years since US Airways flight 1549 made an emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River. Passenger Dick Richardson and flight attendant Sheila Dail tell how team training played a major role in saving the lives of everyone on board. It sounded like a bowling ball was thrown through the engine. Then, less [...]

Three Tools from Medical Simulations to Implement in Your Learning Ecosystem Today

2020-09-15T16:15:16-04:00January 18th, 2018|Leadership Lessons from other Industries, Leadership Lessons, Training Ideas|

The recent Conference Board, Inc.® Learning & Development Summit in New York City included many fascinating presentations. The Program Director John Gillis, Ph.D. from UPenn, brought together a group of his Ph.D. peers and the result was a fantastic, learning-rich program. One particular presentation caught everyone’s attention. It was a conversation between Shannon McNamara, Assistant [...]

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