Becoming One

Welcome to the first ever WDHB virtual retreat!
During the 2nd and 3rd of December 2020, we will explore the themes of Knowing Ourselves & Others, Building Relationships, and Owning the New Organization.

The overarching goal for this retreat will be for us to learn about, and from each other. We’ll work on aligning visions, mission and values. We’ll practice cultivating empathy while respecting cultures and creating common ground. We have a packed agenda with internal and external sessions, and if you haven’t noticed yet, we want you to have fun! To help our team build trust with vulnerability we venture to “gamify” this virtual experience.

Because, “The Company That Plays Together, Stays Together.” 

Synopsis / Agenda

Topics We’ll Cover

Memorable leadership Lessons

Knowing Ourselves & Others

  • Understanding your Personal Strengths

  • Cultivating Empathy

  • Respecting Cultures & Creating Common Ground


  • Building Trust with Vulnerability

  • The Essentials of Teamwork & Communication

  • The Company that Plays Together, Stays Together

Managing Change

  • Managing Change as Individuals & as a Team

  • Maintaining Alignment Around the Vision, Mission, & Values

  • Establishing Shared Vision

Keynote Speaker: Susan Francia

G O L D  M E D A L I S T  R O W I N G , T E A M  U S A

Susan first picked up an oar at age 18 and hasn’t put it down since. Her 10 years on the US team are highlighted by 5 World Championship golds, These were, however, merely stepping stones in her career. In the Beijing Olympics in 2008 she helped the US women’s 8+ win their first ever gold medal racing at the 2000m distance. Four years later, Susan earned her second gold by helping to defend that title in London. Her most memorable race, however, was in the pair at the 2009 World Championships. In a very close race, she and partner Erin Cafaro battled to the finish line to win a historic first gold medal for the US. Their performance earned them World Rowing’s 2009 Female Crew of the Year award. Susan is currently still training and coaching in San Diego, CA

External Panelists

During our 45 minute virtual panel, we will be introduced to; Susana from Colombia working for Amcor, Shawn from Texas working for Siemens Energy and Hugo from England and Singapore working for Ant Works. They will be sharing their unique experiences going through and managing merger integrations. The panel will be hosted over Zoom with a live interactive element that will allow you to vote on what is asked next and input questions of your own.

Susana Velez
Commercial Integration Manager
@ Amcor

Susana was bored and raised in Colombia, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Administration and Financial technologies in Medellin. After her degree she went on to work for Globe Fine chemicals before she did her MBA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before Amcor, Susana was an international business analyst at Condor Technologies. Today, she works for Amcor and was leading their integration of a company they recently acquired to integrate their culture, process and implementation, essentially doubling their workforce to 50k employees.

Shawn Hubbartt
Training Manager North America
@Siemens Energy

Shawn is a retired U.S. Navy Veteran with 22 years of service. He worked as a Field Service Representative for 7 years providing technical support to customers on Installation and Commissioning of new gas compressors and offshore gas turbine generator packages. He is now based in Houston, TX and manages the training for internal employees and customers worldwide

Hugo Walkinshaw
Chief Strategy Officer
@ Ant Works

Hugo is a traveller, networker, cultural chameleon and historian who loves building and operating in ecosystems. Pragmatic and loyal, he believes family and team are paramount, and he always pays it forward. Hugo believes: Inspire and be inspired… and make it fun. Prior to ant works, Hugo worked for over 30 years in consulting companies such as Deloitte and EY where he oversaw large mergers and aquisitions. He was also the president for the British chamber of commerce in Singapore.

Working Genius Types

Our pillar of Excellence Through Innovation challenges each of us, individually and as teams, to perform above market standards to be a reliable partner to all stakeholders. That standard demands we know and leverage our “working genius”. “The 6 Types of Working Genius Assessment” will identify what our natural talents and gifts are and also offer insights into how tapping into that genius will enable each of us and our teams to maximize our business impact.


The natural gift of pondering the possibility of greater potential and opportunity in a given situation.


The natural gift of creating original and novel ideas and solutions.


The natural gift of intuitively and instinctively evaluating ideas and situations.


The natural gift of rallying, inspiring and organizing others to take action.


The natural gift of providing encouragement and assistance for an idea or project.


The natural gift of pushing projects or tasks to completion to achieve results.