Apollo Leadership Lessons:

Powerful Business Insights for Executives

Gain valuable insights from the real people behind Apollo that faced real opportunities and challenges.  Watch now.

Apollo Leadership Lessons:

Powerful Business Insights for Executives

From Leadership Expert Dick Richardson who’s Trained Hundreds of Fortune 500 Executive Teams

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Want to be a Visionary Leader?

It’s the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon!  Learn leadership lessons from the team that made it happen.  With unique access to key leaders and NASA resources, author Dick Richardson has captured the leadership insights of our journey to the moon. These lessons are told through the lens of the people who were there–the executives, flight directors, and astronauts. Many contributed directly to this book. Richardson helps us see them as real people facing real opportunities and challenges.

You may not go to the moon, but this book will help you apply NASA’s leadership lessons to your company’s mission.

About the Author

Dick Richardson has been recognized with numerous awards in leadership development and learning. After years in corporate world, he founded Experience to Lead, offering unique experiences to improve the leadership of individual, teams, and organizations.

His relationships with NASA, the Smithsonian Institute, and Space Center Houston have allowed unique behind-the-scenes access for executives to learn the inner workings of the nation’s space program. Apollo Leadership Lessons is a direct result of his work with NASA executives and astronauts.  Dick has been a featured writer for Politico, Space News, and Trainingindustry.com.

Learn about the Apollo Leadership Experience from Experience to Lead.

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