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Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,

We are excited to announce that, as of 2 October 2020, WDHB has acquired Experience to Lead. By joining forces, two widely recognized innovators in experiential learning for people and strategy development are combining their expertise, talents and offerings. With an expanded portfolio of effective solutions to drive transformation and growth, the combined organization is a stronger partner positioned to better support the ambitions of our Fortune Global 500 clients.

Both of our approaches thrive on the power of compelling stories, authentic first-hand encounters as well as the personal experience of venturing outside of our own world to trigger reflection, drive conversation and enact change. You, as our partners, have come to appreciate precisely these aspects and how they deliver unique value to your participants. Leveraging these shared foundations and the complementarity of our skills will allow us to deliver learning journeys with unmatched variety, customization and integration to address your current challenges and meet your organizational needs starting today.

Together, we will help you power your organizational transformation and reach your business objectives by elevating current and future leaders with:

  • Offerings around the globe, with a presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America
  • A full spectrum of in-person, hybrid and virtual formats to fit any delivery requirement
  • Greater access to experience and ecosystem partners, experts and thought leaders
  • Expansion of our experiential repertoire and its integration into events and residential formats
  • Increased scalability and enhanced customization of curriculum and journey design
  • Improved sustainability of L&D programs through powerful new integrations

Building on the shared experience and knowledge of our passionate people and incorporating the latest in behavioral science, experience design and program delivery, we are thrilled to be shaping the future of experiential learning now. As we come together, learning from the past, present and future becomes a powerful reality.

To new learning adventures!

Sunil Narang

Sunil Narang
President & CEO of WDHB, Inc.

Dick Richardson

Dick Richardson
Co-Founder of Experience to Lead, LLC

Webinar Highlights:

Our client Janin Schwartau, Global Head of Learning and Transformation at thyssenkrupp, about how the two companies can address today’s challenges for leaders.

Imane Terrab, Head of Strategy WDHB about the integration plan.

Samuel Mueller, Chief Growth Officer at WDHB, on the full spectrum of delivery formats.

About WDHB

Since 1989 when its founder coined the term Learning Expedition, WDHB has been at the forefront of experiential learning with over 700 bespoke programs allowing over 12,000 current and future leaders to reinvent themselves and their organizations. Immersion and collective intelligence are core components of WDHB’s approach to designing and delivering its signature Learning Expeditions, Events & Summits and Upskilling Programs. All of these can now be delivered as on-location, hybrid or virtual offerings. Today, the company serves global brands such as Daimler, L’Oréal and PETRONAS with Strategic Learning solutions as well as Insight and L&D Advisory services from its offices in Denver, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Zurich.

About Experience to Lead

With over 10 years of leadership in experiential learning, Experience to Lead has served over 3,000 Fortune Global 500 executives from over 20 industries. Through customized, immersive learning programs focused on powerful leadership stories and dynamic facilitated discussions, the learning is applicable, personal and impactful to leaders, teams and organizations. From immersive locations including NASA’s Space Centers, the Elite Athlete Training Center, Music City and historic battlefields to interactive, engaging virtual platforms where teams can collaborate and solve real challenges, Experience to Lead provides powerful, applicable learning experiences to leaders of today and tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Experience to Lead and WDHB coming together?2020-10-07T15:12:03-04:00

The two organizations draw energy from the same convictions around the human potential for change and its relevance for organizational transformation and success. The shared passion for advancing experiential learning and supporting sustainable people development as well as the complementarity of their offerings, skills, and markets make for a compelling case to join forces.

How can I learn more about WDHB’s acquisition of Experience to Lead?2020-10-07T17:57:32-04:00

To learn more about the acquisition and its benefits for you, feel free to reach out to our Client Solutions Teams for a personal conversation or attend one of the upcoming webinars on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 at 6am EST and 11am EST.

What does WDHB’s acquisition of Experience to Lead mean for me as a client of Experience to Lead?2020-10-07T15:13:00-04:00

Your Client Solutions and Program Delivery stakeholders won’t change, and all programs are to be delivered as agreed. In the future, you will have access to a wider, more global and more customizable portfolio of experiential learning solutions.

What does WDHB’s acquisition of Experience to Lead mean for me as a client of WDHB?2020-10-07T15:12:54-04:00

Your Client Solutions and Program Delivery stakeholders won’t change, and all programs are to be delivered as agreed. In the future, you will have access to a more well-rounded and more scalable/replicable portfolio of experiential learning solutions.

What products will the combined organization of WDHB and Experience to Lead offer?2020-10-07T15:13:49-04:00

The future organization will continue to offer the two companies’ signature formats of WDHB’s Learning Expeditions, Events & Summits and Upskilling Programs and Experience to Lead’s Leadership Experiences. At the same time, you may expect greater flexibility and new integration opportunities in terms of delivery formats as well as synergies and innovations originating from the combination of the teams’ expertise, skills and thought leadership.

What does this mean for customization options to meet my needs?2020-10-07T15:14:00-04:00

Within programs, your organization’s development ambitions can be addressed in an even more tailored way drawing from a broad array of immersive experiences that span a multitude of activity formats and involve stakeholders with diverse roles, backgrounds and areas of expertise. Beyond that, a combination of offerings in alternating delivery formats may be put into sequence to offer comprehensive learning journeys providing your leadership audiences with holistic growth experiences that address multiple dimensions of individual, collective and organizational development.

What are the benefits of experiential learning?2020-10-07T15:14:11-04:00

Experiential learning brings the real world and learning concepts together. The learner is placed in a situation with real-life context and high authenticity and is given the opportunity to live through it for themselves. Based on this first-hand experience or encounter, they reflect and develop ideas that are applicable for them. The outcomes of experiential learning are characterized by higher relevance, increased buy-in, broader ownership and more sustainable impact.

How does experiential learning work during Covid-19?2020-10-07T15:14:20-04:00

While the possibilities to experience places with all senses and enjoy on-location exchanges might be limited due to travel restrictions and social distancing imperatives, the power of personal testimonials, authentic dialogues and team collaboration remain strong components of experiential learning, even in remote or hybrid setups. Talk to our Client Solutions teams to learn more about our highly interactive virtual experiences.

What will the future of experiential learning hold?2020-10-07T15:14:31-04:00

While we are continuing to learn about the mechanics of learning and organizational development thanks to advances in behavioral and neurosciences, the possibilities to build transformative experiences are constantly being expanded by creative endeavors and technological opportunities. WDHB and Experience to Lead are committed to integrating those latest insights into their approaches, products and thought leadership to actively shape the future of experiential learning.

How can I get started on an experiential learning program for my organization?2020-10-07T15:17:29-04:00

Get in touch with our Client Solutions teams today for a personal conversation and tailored solution.


Sunil Narang | President & CEO, WDHB
[email protected]

Dick Richardson | Co-Founder, Experience to Lead
[email protected]

Amanda Harmon | Integration Manager, Experience to Lead & WDHB
[email protected]

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