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Experience to Lead immerses you in the narrative of life-changing situations faced by history’s greatest leaders. You’ll learn practical approaches to improving your leadership capabilities by understanding why they succeeded or failed.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential


Creating learning engagements that are designed to improve you, your team and your organization.


Experiential programs versus classroom-style to embed a higher level of retention to create meaningful change.

Transforming Leaders

Developing leadership capabilities that can have a dramatic impact on their results.


Private Programs

We will work with you to design a Private Program that’s tailored to help your leaders achieve their goals and overcome specific challenges. Check out our 3-step process to create a program customized to your needs.

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Public Programs

Our public programs are designed for individuals and small teams to cover a variety of leadership topics. You will get the opportunity to network and learn from other leaders while investing in your own leadership development.

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Leadership Experiences


Walk in the footsteps of the great leaders of NASA who led the manned mission to the Moon. Understand how innovation, culture and adaptive leadership can help you and your team lead in a rapidly changing world.

team usa olympic leadership experience background


Increase high-performance in your team by understanding the levers used by elite athletes, coaches and teams to compete and win at the highest level.  Learn from the experts at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers and the “team behind the team” to discover your potential.


Prepare yourself and your team to overcome adversity. From natural disasters to mechanical malfunctions, understand how great leaders get ahead of their next challenge. Learning how to respond, recover and thrive in stress will give your organization a competitive advantage.

beaches of normandy lessons


Standing on the sweeping cliffs among the artifacts of “The Longest Day,” understand the enormous impact of empowering your people to reach their goals.  Discover how managing across functional, cultural and organizational silos can refocus your decision-making while under pressure.


Align yourself and your team around a unified strategy to enable decision-making based on shared vision and purpose. Gettysburg captures the intensity of time pressure with the ultimate consequences to provide a deeper understanding of how to lead in the moment.

waterloo experience for leaders


Learn how leadership style and decision-making can impact the fate of your team’s ability to align around, and execute, your vision. By understanding Napoleon’s Waterloo, you and your team can develop and communicate strategic plans with a higher degree of success.



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