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WDHB is excited to announce its acquisition of Experience to Lead!

While we are living in unprecedented times, resilience is born by coming together...

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Impactful leadership development experiences that spark learning and growth for executives and organizations.

Experiential leadership

Immersive Learning

Compelling insights and personal reflection

Immersive Learning for Leaders

Unparalleled Access

World-class experts and innovative leaders at contemporary and historical places

Collaborative team leadership training

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Customization to meet your organizations’ unique needs

Memorable leadership Lessons

Memorable Lessons

Apply to everyday management challenge

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“These are the sorts of experiences that foster paradigm shifts and, in some cases, paradigm shatters.”

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John Kolmer

Dow Chemical

“The experience allowed me to drill into those areas most relevant to me and my team while seeing our space program in a way I never imagined.”

Geoff Souser



Experience to Lead is dedicated to helping leaders of companies of all sizes and industries to be the best leaders possible.  Our team consists of Fortune 500 executives, former athletes and astronauts, and world-class speakers.

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2019 Stevie Winner

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